Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Quick Up Date

Quick Up-Date

-Still Jogging
-Started Swimming
-Going Biking
-Feeling Crazy
-Not Lazy
-Tutoring Again
-Primary Singing
-Phone Ringing
-Laundry, Laundry, Laundry
-Biggest Loser on Tuesday Nights
-Glad the sun is shining bright
-Love my Friday night date
-Reading Ramona Quimby age Eight
-Sunday was long
-Ate too much cake...how wrong
-House keeping
-Dryer Beeping
-Little bodies to clean
-Baths for me...what a dream
-Reading about loving Vampires
-Working on Business
-Loving life
-Wanting a Vacation
-Disneyland Calling
-Hopefully Backyard getting Walling
-Book of Mormon at Night
-Everything feels just Right!


Anonymous said...

I ate that one up!! Great blogging, I've missed you!!! xo

Em Russ said...

That was great Sunee! I've been thinking about you... wondering how Peaches is. (And I noticed you're reading about vampires... ahhh, what a dream!!)

Shally said...

Cute post-- love the vampires too. :) Are you coming to book club tonight??

Laura said...

Ramona Age 8 was my favorite book in the 4th grade. Great post:).

John and Rachael Alexander said...

Got a good laugh at this post, sounds like my life too! except I ignored everything else around me while I read about vampire love.

Dan Dannehl & Family said...

About half way thru reading it, Katie, says, "O, I think its a poem". I about died laughng.

Rindi said...

i loved this! You are brilliant...and a great person on top of it all! I love your life, sounds amazing!! If I could only do all the things you do...

Paige said...

Great poem! I love it. Don't feel too bad about the cake and really relax in those baths. I haven't had a bathtub for four years and that sounds like heaven! Keep up the amazing work.

Jordan Roberts said...

Sunee! I love our blog! I'm so glad I found it! Are you still planning on running the St. George marathon? I think your kids are so darling!