Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Eliese Turn's Two

Eliese turned two on December 19. We had such a wonderful day. We went to the Bear Mill. She immediately fell in love with a kitty. Since her brothers and Brynn are her best friends we checked them out of school and brought them with us. We then went to lunch at Chuck-A-Rama. It was so fun. Eliese is a little angel in our lives. I love her so much and cherish each day that I spend with her.

I love you precious baby!!!

PS Eliese got sick the next day. She spent an entire week very sick. It was bad timing with Christmas but she's finally feeling better.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christams Card 2007

Trying to simplify Christmas our card is digital this year. However, it does come with just as much love.  We love you all.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cherish Life

Tonight I write in a somber mood. Last night a man in our ward, Bro. Cox, died. He had a massive heart attack. He was not young, he was 70. But because he had children late, his kids were our ages. His youngest is a senior in high school. His daughter and son are also in our ward and we know them very well. James is very good friends with his grandson.

This has made me stop and think a lot. I would like to share a few thoughts. Bro Cox is a very rich man. He lived in a very big home and had all the money you could wish for, to buy any material thing he wanted. But more importantly he was a very good man. He had 12 children, and many grandchildren. He was constantly giving and donating and serving. He was so kind and good. He was an example of what is really important in life. We are grateful to know his family.

When everything in this life is over for us, it will not be the riches that matters. Money is so stressful at times that it threatens to be the focus of life. I know we've all heard this before, but we really need to think about this. IT WILL NOT BE THE EARTHLY THINGS THAT MATTER!

We were feeling down yesterday and knew that getting outside would help, so Kyle and I went for a jog. While we were running past Bro. Cox's house I asked Kyle if there would ever be a good day to die. The answer is really no. As humans we were built with the desire to live. But because we don't know when we will be taken from this earth, we must live so that any day would be a good day to go. We must treat others with kindness, love, honesty and respect. We must repent quickly and forsake our sins. We must study and pray so that we know Heavenly Father. We must keep a record for our posterity. We must love our families every day!

I want to take every opportunity to love and hold and hug. To say a kind word or listen to a story from a child. I want to stop and read a book or play a board game. I want to smile and laugh more. I want to be more Christlike and have more Charity. I want to be the person my Heavenly Father wants me to be.

I pray every day for safety for all of you, for my children, for Kyle and myself. I never want to deal with tragedy. But I must admit to myself that death is not the only thing that takes little children away...time does. All children grow and the only thing I can leave them with is my love and memories. Now is the time to act.

Love like there is no tomorrow. And be thankful for our dear Savior who conquered the grave so that there is always a tomorrow.


Thursday, December 13, 2007


Mondays are hard work and hard to get excited about. The weekend of course is wonderful. Then there is Thursdays. I actually like Thursdays. I like that it is near the weekend. I like that you don't feel so much pressure to go to bed early since your near the weekend. I like feeling like the work week is almost over.

BUT...ever since my kids started school I have hated Thursday evenings. Just wait to all those whose kids are not in school yet, Thursdays will get worse. Spelling tests are always on Friday, meaning studying on Thursday. Homework packets are due on Friday, so last minute homework is done on Thursday. It seems every week I start on Monday trying to get ahead of homework and spelling so that Thursdays are not so frustrating, but it never seems to work. I just finished a couple hours of reading, spelling, math etc. Turns out James was not doing long division correctly, now after 3 pages and a million problems later, James is doing long division correctly. (The math teacher in me could not let it rest!!) Just a side note, James was the first one in his class to pass off his times tables 1-12! Yeah James!

Well everyone is finally settled, excepted Eliese who took a long, late nap. My job is almost done! Good news...Tomorrows Friday!!


Oh I almost forgot, at 9:15 Brynn suddenly remembered that she was chosen to read a story to the class tomorrow. Oh how I love picking a book and practicing it a 9:15 on Thursday evening!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Gingerbread Houses

On Sunday we made gingerbread houses. I have only one comment to make in constructing a gingerbread house... USE HOT GLUE!! I was given this suggestion and it worked perfectly. Then you can put frosting over the seams afterwards. Putting them together was actually fun and not frustrating!! The kids decorated them and I think they did a great job. Christmas time is soooo fun!

Christams Party

Kyle in front of the finished Trifle

Sunee making the Trifle (a fancy cake with fruit)

Some fun appetizers

The kitchen ready for the party

On Saturday night we had a little get together with Kyle's friends. They all grew up together. They all brought their wives. We had a really great time. Kyle and I tried our hand at making trifle. It turned out really well!


Blogging has dried up for a while. Why? In a word HORMONES! I've been too busy just making it through the day. To top it all off... today I have a huge headache. I'm always hesitant to say "migraine", but today I'm going to label it as a migraine. If several sharp pains that feel like a constant knife in your eye, accompanied by nausea is not a migraine I don't know what is. Well enough for this post, it has been WAY to cheery!!

PS We watched Mr Kruger's Christmas tonight for family night. Watch it. It's really touching!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Kyle's Always Cooking Up Something

Kyle loves to cook. He also is very into "plating". I guess it's he artistic natures coming out. This weekend he made several wonderful meals. He likes the kids to feel like they are in a 5 star restaurant. Check out how he serves our kids!!

Brynn Enjoying the Fine Dining!!

Ham on sourdough bread with melted munster cheese. Served toasted with an egg on top. The sauce a mayo, mustard mix. It was sooooo Yummy!!

James loving the Fabulous meal.

Christmas Ornaments

Yesterday Kyle spent most of the day at Tithing Settlement. I wanted to do something fun with the kids. We decided to make our own ornaments (how domestic!!). We had such a great time. They turned out really cute. They were so easy and fun that I decided to post the recipe.

Holiday Ornaments

2 cups flour
1/2 cup salt
3/4 cup water

Add water add at once. Stir well until moistened. Knead for 5 minutes. Roll and cut into shapes. Bake 350 for 30-45 minutes (we needed 45 minutes). Cool. Paint. Enjoy!!

Finished Product!!

This is how we all learned that we don't want paint on our arms, legs, bellies...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Amazing Weekend

 We had an amazing holiday weekend. It started on Wednesday when we got to see Kyle's sister Shannon and her family. When we lived in Riverdale we got to see them often and now we don't see them nearly enough. We had fun spending the day with them.

We headed to Hooper Wed. evening. Thursday morning we found out Judi was in the hospital in labor. What an exciting event to happen on Thanksgiving. I can't think of anything to be more thankful for. Early that afternoon Judi gave birth to a healthy 7lb 13oz, 20 inch baby boy. His names is William Micheal Coburn. We were all so proud of Judi. I'll admit we were all a little distracted on Thanksgiving. Maybe a little baby hungry??? Well we still had a great turkey dinner. We had so much fun playing with cousins.

Friday we got to go ice skating and eat at the Burger Bar (yummy!). We also got to see little William. We cut our stay a little short because Judi and Mike are currently living with my Mom and Dad. We knew they needed a quiet house to come home to.

Of course Saturday was awesome...GO COUGARS!! They tried to give us all heart failure but finally pulled out the win (maybe it was luck?). Kyle and James were thrilled. We celebrated with a date to Red Lobster. I had shrimp. As Bubba on Forest Gump would say, "I love Shrimp".

Well now I'm back home and blogging again.

For this wonderful life, I give thanks!

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Brynn's Baptism

Brynn was baptized on November 10,2007. I know I am a little late on this post. I'm trying to get used to living my life in blogging mode. Brynn was baptized by Kyle. Mom, Dad and Millie came to St. George. We also had Kyle's family and many of Brynn's friends. The baptism was so wonderful. Brynn was so beautiful and excited. I was proud of Brynn for taking this big step. We had a big pasta dinner afterwards at our house. What an amazing day! Thank you to everyone who sent notes and gifts to Brynn. It is great to be so loved.