Sunday, March 23, 2008


Here's a few pictures of our Spring of 2008. We've been busy but we are doing really well.


Monday, March 3, 2008

I was so Touched

As you can probably guess from my earlier entry about Peaches, today has been a long day. Monday's always are. Piano, house cleaning and now 2 math tutor students. I also had my in-laws over to dinner. As I sat down at 7:30 pm to tutor my second student I felt pretty overwhelmed. Life has gotten to me lately. Business has been pretty stressful and it just happens to be that time of the month. I just tried to focus on Algebra with my cute student.

When I came out of the office at 8:30 I saw Kyle standing there with a big smile. I went upstairs to find the kids so I could put them to bed. As I rounded the corner into the laundry room, I saw the transformation. The laundry room had about 6 loads of clean laundry piled on the countertop when I started my tutor hour, and now none...thats right NONE!! Every piece folded and put away. I started to laugh and then I started to cry. Then I laid my head ond the countertop and cried really hard. Then I hugged everyone and they cried too. I can not believe how loved I am. Thank you Kyle and kids for loving me enough to do LAUNDRY!!! I love you guys so much my heart could just burst!!

Good Bye Peach

Tomorrow is the day we are going to put Peaches down. She has lasted almost a month since we found out about the cancer. It's never a good day to call and schedule an appointment for your dog to be put to sleep. She is suffering now. The tumor is large and she can not eat dog food anymore. She doesn't even run out of her dog house when we come out. We spent this afternoon letting her run around the yard, play with the kids. A lot of neighborhood kids came and said good bye. I've answered a lot of questions about death and cancer. Kids just can't seem to wrap their arms around death. Maybe growning up doesn't make it any easier.

Tonight we had Kyle's parents and Kanice (Kyle's sister) over for dinner and family night. Kandice was Peaches original owner. She has always loved Peaches. She let Peaches come live with us when she went away to college. Thank you so much Kandice!! We all went around the table and shared memories about Peaches. We then had family prayer. We've had an outpouring of love and peace in our home. I'm thankful for a loving Heavenly Father...He cares about all of our sorrows.

Wish us luck tomorrow.